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DarkLight is point and click adventure game story where the player explore the magical world with Lugh and resolve the mysteries to escape different levels pictures frames.

The witch Maralla meets Dracula89 on a dating website, but the sun is an obstacle to their love. So Maralla catches the sun and brings it to Dracula89 as love proof. But it was a trap and Dracula89 locks her up in his castle and wakes up the monsters from the darkness. When Lugh, Maralla’s grandson, learns that his grandmother is in trouble,he decides to release her and get the sun back.

DarkLight can be experience in a double setup. The game is playable on smartphone and tablet with a tactile interface and during exhibitions DarkLight is a multi screen game displayed through 8 tablets in frames. Every room is in a screen and the player can move Lugh between them using a bluetooth controller.


Jessica, Project Manager and Developer

Valérie,Project Manager and Game Designer

Sarah, Game Designer

Mélissa,Game Designer

Eunni, Social Network Manager